Discuss and Contribute Here

Ground Rules 


We want to hear from everyone. We value everyone’s views. Keep your points short and to the point. Be honest. Share your views.


Let’s learn from one another. Do not dominate the conversation or interrupt one another (except to indicate that you cannot hear the speaker). Let one person speak at a time with no side conversations. Do not hesitate to ask for clarification.


You may disagree with someone, but let’s treat everyone with respect and dignity. Stay cool if you hear things that are hard to take. Do not put down anyone. Honor the time frames set forth by the moderator.


This is not a debate. You are not trying to persuade others to embrace your views. This is all about becoming as informed as possible about an important choice facing the public. Try and reserve judgment until you understand all the information and perspectives. Consider the advantages and disadvantages, the costs and consequences of different points of view. Let’s work toward common ground and the common good.

Adapted from Public Life Foundation of Owensboro