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Theravada Buddhism is a huge part of the Myanmar culture and it can be difficult to distinguish between local practices and Buddhist practices. 

The locals are very respectful of Monks, so pay your respects by putting your palms together and bowing gently to them when you see them.

When you visit a Pagoda, strict dress code applies, make sure that you are properly covered up. You will have to remove your shoes to enter. There are also certain parts of a Pagoda that woman are not allowed to enter. Women are also not allowed to touch monks.

Don't point your feet at the Buddha or Monks. 

Give the most accessible seat in the bus/train, usually the front seat, to a monk.

Kids with thanaka
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Family is a huge thing in all cultures. Myanmar people especially love children, they will frequently talk to or touch your child's head. 

However never touch the head of an adult, that is considered rude.



When you are outside, you might notice people eating or picnicking. They will offer food to you or your children. Accept them.

Sharing is caring. This is a core part of the agricultural society. Eat a little to show respect. 

You could also offer food to people around you when you are eating.

While eating in a restaurant, it is usual to order many dishes and many people share the same dishes. Always leave some for other people.

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There is something about the Myanmar mannerism that makes Myanmar people very agreeable. The gentle nodding of their heads while saying yes and many others, I would leave you to observe.

While giving something to another person, put the other hand under the elbow of the giving hand.

How does Myeik actually look like?

Walk the ground in the Myeik Town with this "Myeik Walking Tour" map.

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