[Optional] Course introduction transcript

Dear OpenDAO $SOS family, welcome to the OpenDAO Academy’s first course: Open-101 Graduate Diploma in Web3. This is where you get started in Web3 to answer your most basic questions. This course is structured in 11-blocks, from Block 0 to Block 11, where we cover a broad number of topics. 

Whereas each block itself can be a full course by itself, we try to get you started and get you a safe passage into Web3. You might be really very experienced, we’d love to hear your feedback and you still can benefit from the course. From your feedback, we can improve this course. 

Even if you’re experienced in Web3, sharing your experience with other classmates can help us greatly and feedback can greatly help us improve the course as well. If you’ve just started, it’s never too late to join the OpenDAO academy. 

Crypto as a space can be lonely sometimes especially since it moves at such a breakneck speed. At the OpenDAO academy, learning is meant to be a social experience and you’ll learn by doing. At the end of this, I hope you’ll learn new skills and make new friends so that we can build the future together at the OpenDAO SOS and we can set the pace together in Web3. 


Last modified: Thursday, 7 April 2022, 6:54 AM