Overview Block

Big Idea: Crypto has positive externalities, crypto is about communities first, Information not equal knowledge, not equal al

1) Crypto has positive externalities

The question friends and families always ask us is, "What is the point of crypto?". By the end of this course, we must be able to confidently explore the positive externalities of crypto. How crypto is used to transform communities and societies for the better. 

2) Crypto is about communities first

It always comes down to communities. Crypto is the people's currency, people's art and the people's movement. Without people and communities, crypto has no soul. In this course, we emphasise on the social aspects of learning.

3) Information ≠ Knowledge ≠ Alpha ≠ Results

Information is aplenty on the internet. Information might not result in knowledge or insights. This requires some reflection, introspection or guidance from another. Having knowledge might not lead to good alpha, especially if it is something that everyone else already know or discovered at a very late time. Having alpha does not mean you will act on it in a timely fashion in a correct magnitude. And even if everything is done right, sometimes, you might not have done enough good deeds in your life, and it might not have your desired results yet. So, be nice. 

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