About the Instructor


Me in Web2:

old angyts.eth

I am (still am) a practicing family doctor in Singapore. My passion is in mental health, ear, nose and throat issues. But please don't use this platform to ask me health related questions, because my answer will always be the same. "Please seek advice from your health professional."

As a family doctor, I learn a lot from my patients. One fine day, one of this brilliant guys told me, "Hey doc, you have to buy bitcoins." 

And as the natural first response to that was, "Erm, isn't Bitcoins for scammers?" 

And as you can see now, the rest is history for another day.

Being a family doctor, our specialisation is in learning

As I started go far from my domain of expertise, I started realising that all things in the world are one. I saw the "singularity" in learning. Not before long, I found the secrets of becoming a polymath. 

Me in Web3:

angyts chippi

Down in the crypto rabbithole, I often times lose myself. Nowadays when I fill forms, this is what I fill:

You never asked me for me real metaverse name or my in real life (irl) name!
Why didn't you specify physical address?

Hands up if you have a similar experience. It's ok if you haven't reached there, but by the end of this course, you will.

I don't have very great noble intents. I really just want to replace myself at least. There are only so few DAO builders in this space, everyone seems to be clamouring for us, and "waiting for us" to get sh*t done.

But, actually I was already retired before I'm here. And now I'm really really going to share what I know so that I can actually retire again.

I'm waiting for one of the students of this course to come up and tell me, "hey I can do this better, let me take over."

That would be my greatest achievement. Until then, see you around in the metaverse!

The Psych Guy (Teaching Assistant)


GM! This is the Psych Guy. I am trying my best to stay afloat as I manage working for the DAOs, an off-chain mental health startup, and my psychology grad school. If you know me in real life, please help me convince my supervisor to grant me an extension on my thesis so I can continue working on the OpenDao Academy!

Asking for Help

Before asking for help...

Always remember to do your due diligence. Due diligence is what enables you to move forward in a space like Web3. Like all teaching environments, it is obvious if someone has the skills required but hasn't bothered with going through the material. 

If you need help, check out the forums on the buttons below before you check out this section. Sometimes, your classmates can also help you out. However, make sure you DO NOT click on any links and DO NOT share your private keys.

You can attend the weekly office hour at our discord. The office hours is scheduled every Tuesdays at UTC 1pm at the #Open Voice Channel. 

So please make sure that before you've asked for help:

1) You have gone through the course material

2) You have tried googling it

3) You have tried watching a YouTube video about it

4) You have tried bringing it up in the help-forums

5) You have tried attending the office hours scheduled every Tuesdays at UTC 1pm at the #Open Voice Channel. 

Your due diligence enables us to maintain a smooth administrative flow for you and your colleagues. You can email me angyts at theopendao.com. 

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