Lesson 2: About the Weather

People everywhere love to talk about the weather as well as in Myanmar. Why not?


The best way to learn this course would be to listen and speak along.


Go save the phrases you learnt today and review phrases that you already learnt



Sentence ending အယ်


This word consists of 2 parts. The first part is a consonant အ with the sound /ã/; and the second part is a vowel -ယ် /e/. Read as air without the r.

It has no meaning by itself, but we use it to end sentences. Like Kaun eh, singapore ah lar eh.


English Rough Phonics Myeik
Host: How are you? ni kao la နေကောင်းလား
You: I'm fine kaun eh  ကောင်း အယ်
You: What about you? ah mah ni kau la အစ်မ နေကောင်းလား
Host: I'm fine  kaun eh  ကောင်း အယ်
Host: Where do you come from? peh ah la eh ဖယ်ကလာအယ်
You: I come from Singapore  singapore ah lar eh စင်္ကာပူအလာအယ်
Host: Is it hot in Singapore?
 singapuu mar pu lah? စင်္ကာပူမှာပူလား
You: It is hot in Singapore  singapuu mar pu eh စင်္ကာပူမှာပူအယ်
Host: It is cold in Myeik.  baik mah eh yeh ဘိတ်မှာအေးအယ်
 You: Yes  hoye ဟုတ်အယ်
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