People everywhere love to talk about the weather as well as in Myanmar. Why not?

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Sentence ending အယ်


This word consists of 2 parts. The first part is a consonant အ with the sound /ã/; and the second part is a vowel -ယ် /e/. Read as air without the r.

It has no meaning by itself, but we use it to end sentences. Like Kaun eh, singapore ah lar eh.

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English Rough Phonics Myeik
Host: How are you? ni kao la နေကောင်းလား
You: I'm fine kaun eh  ကောင်း အယ်
You: What about you? ah mah ni kau la အစ်မ နေကောင်းလား
Host: I'm fine  kaun eh  ကောင်း အယ်
Host: Where do you come from? peh ah la eh ဖယ်ကလာအယ်
You: I come from Singapore  singapore ah lar eh စင်္ကာပူအလာအယ်
Host: Is it hot in Singapore?
 singapuu mar pu lah? စင်္ကာပူမှာပူလား
You: It is hot in Singapore  singapuu mar pu eh စင်္ကာပူမှာပူအယ်
Host: It is cold in Myeik.  baik mah eh yeh ဘိတ်မှာအေးအယ်
 You: Yes  hoye ဟုတ်အယ်
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