Anxiety Case Discussion -- Introduction

Welcome to the second in the series of Behavioral Medicine Masterclass Workshop

Hosted by Zenith Medical Clinic

The point of this: What actually happens when a GP/FP refer an anxiety patient to the psychiatrist/psychologist? Could the outcomes be better if the GP/FP retain some ownership of this patient?

Our Speakers

ang teng soon
Dr Ang Teng Soon, Family Physician, Zenith Medical Clinic
CV here
Dr Victor Kwok
Dr Victor Kwok, Head and Consultant Psychiatrist, Sengkang General Hospital
CV here
Cherie Chan
Cherie Chan, Clinical Psychologist, Thrive Family
CV here




Think about your own answers to these questions and write them down

  • What is our knee jerk reactions to a patient with panic disorder?
  • What happens to this patient as she traverses our healthcare system?




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