thein daw gyi pagoda
  Thein Daw Gyi Pagoda

Your host wants to ask you where do you want to go? Visiting a Pagoda in Myanmar is a huge part of the culture. Read this page for more culture tips.

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Hot ပူ


This word consists of 2 parts. The first part is a consonant ပ with the sound /pa/; and the second part is a vowel ူ /ú/. Read as put without the t. ပူ means hot (weather).

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English Rough PhonicsMyeik 
Host: Is Singapore hot?
 singapuu ma pu lah? စင်္ကာပူမှာပူလား
You: It is hot in Singapore  singapuu ma pu eh စင်္ကာပူမှာပူအယ်
You: It is cold in Myeik.  baik mah aye eh ဘိတ်မှာအေးအယ်
Host: Where do you want to go?  peh thaw mah? ဖယ်သောမယ်
You: I want to (will) go to pagoda  peyah thaw meh ဖရား သောယ်
Host: Are you going to Thein Daw Gyi pagoda?  tengy peyah thaw me-la? သိန်ကြီးဘုရားသောမလာ
You: I have already been to Thein Daw Gyi pagoda  tengy peyah thor bi bi သိန်ကြီးဘုရားသောပြီးပြီ
You: I'm going to Shwedagon pagoda  shwedagon peyah thua meh ရွှေတိဂုံဘုရားသောမယ်
 Host: Yes, we will go
 ho kae tua meh ဟုတ်ကဲ့ သောမယ်

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Where are these places?

Ok, so i've been introduced Thein Daw Gyi Pagoda and Myeik Shwedagon Pagoda (Maha Wiziya Pagoda).

Try to find them on this Myeik Walking Tour applet. And check out other places you can explore on foot. Later on, we will show you more places that cannot reach by foot.

Hint: You won't actually find the Myeik Shwedagon Pagoda (Maha Wiziya Pagoda), you will need to drive out a little as it is not within walking distance.

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