ACT Matrix

ACT matrix

Enter the Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) Matrix

This framework attempts to work out the patient's naturally occurring conflicts inside him/her as well as pull out motivations that can help him/her.

Where do we start?


Ideally, what can you (the patient) do to help achieve what is important to me?


What do you think stops you from achieving your goal?


Who/what is important to you?


What oppose you? What stops you from doing what you want to do?

So what if this if filled up, how do I use this?

The doctor can start to show patient the links that exist between the different quadrants and start making conversations and links.

In Class Activity

You will have to find a partner, can grab anyone if you are at home, and start filling up the entire matrix for your partner.

Then start making conversations. You will see how this creates more space for conversation. 

Rather than the same old tune: "Why you never take medications?"

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