What is the Education Guild?


Education is the root of our values. 

Through education, we are able to empower the next generation of truly self-sovereign & financially-independent Bankless individuals. The Education Guild is the vehicle through which educational content is created and delivered for DAO members. Our vision is to be a decentralised educational incubator and network which is infinitely scalable, replicable, and viral without compromising quality.


The story of the BanklessDAO begins with an airdrop of 35,000 $BANK and a vision to create a Web3 media platform focused on helping 1 billion people go bankless.

While the BanklessDAO flowed out of Bankless LLC and their podcast, the LLC and DAO are two separately functioning entities altogether.

The first season of the Education guild saw the creation of #BanklessAcademy, #firstquest and then the spinoff into more specialised groups such as #Bookclub and #BanklessConsultancy.

Previous seasons have brought their share of friction points such as coordinating and communicating across different time zones, languages, and cultures. 

While the Education Guild is focused on internal education of BanklessDAO members, our sister educational arm, Bankless Academy, serves to creates self served external education products that will serve as an external revenue generator for BanklessDAO.


As we enter season 3, the guild continues to be experimental. 

In experimenting with workgroups. These are self-organised arms within the education guild that help it function properly while compensating its contributors fairly. What the guilds are to BanklessDAO, the workgroups are to the Education Guild. We'd like to emphasise that different guilds in BanklessDAO are organised differently: the byproduct of pursuing decentralisation.

The current work groups are Admin, Talent Coordination, Cross-guild Collaboration and Education.

Current projects within the Education Guild are:

  • Educational Workshops (nested within Education workgroup)

  • Intro Quest (nested within Talent Coordinator workgroup)

  • First Quest (nested within Education Guild as a whole)


So what does the future look like? 

We don’t know. 

That’s the beauty of working together and collaborating. 

We build the future we want.

Last modified: Tuesday, 22 March 2022, 11:26 AM