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  • Our Story

  • Treasure Hunt

    Let's see if you can find important stuff in BanklessDAO!

  • Write your invitation!

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      Write your invitation! Page
      Not available unless: The activity Find the four workgroups! is marked complete
    • Remember! Pick only 3 out of 6 for now.

      We will be expecting you.

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      My Three Reflections Database

      What do you feel right now? Anxious? Excited? Skeptical? It's always good to pinpoint your emotions at the beginning of something so you can look back later on and realise how your feelings have changed over time. A lot of us came to BanklessDAO's education guild skeptically and anxiously as it was our first DAO! We now look back upon those times with fond memories.

      Navigate to the add an entry tab given below, and add whatever it is that you're feeling.

      Not available unless: The activity Write your invitation! Which meetings would you like to attend? is marked complete
  • Wheel-of-Fortune, Win-A-Buddy

    Always good to have some company!

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      Spin a Wheel Choice
      Not available unless: The activity My Three Reflections is marked complete
  • Grow your Knowledge

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      Video resources Page

      Some resources to quickly get you up to speed about Crypto. It's not mandatory to watch them, but it's always good to have a heads up.

      Not available unless: The activity Spin a Wheel is marked complete
  • Create SOBOL Entry

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      How-to create SOBOL entry? Page
      Not available unless: The activity Spin a Wheel is marked complete
  • Glossary

    • A list of interesting terms and DAO words. You don't have to do anything in order to complete this step, just feel free to check around and catch up with our lingo. You will not be made to feel like an outsider if you don't speak English or our lingo though, so don't worry about any kind of consequences. bDAO's education guild is actually comprised of a healthy share of Asians, Europeans, and Americans!

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