Myeik kat kyi kaik
  Myeik kat kyi kaik or Myeik Fried Noodles

Eating is a huge part of Myanmar culture. Read this page for more culture tips.

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To Eat စား


This word consists of 2 parts. The first part is a consonant စ with the sound /sa/; and the second part is a vowel ာ /à/ that we already learnt.

Practice the 3 basic tones:



  • The "creaky tone", without the vowel, စ means to start.



  • The "low tone", စာ is related to knowledge.



  • The "high tone" စား  is used in this recording to mean eat.

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English Rough PhonicsMyeik 
Host: Have you eaten?
Sa bi bi la? စားပြီးပြီလား
You: Not eaten yet. Mer sa thay ahh မစားသေးအ
Host: What would you like to eat? bah sa meh? ဘာစားမယ်
You: I will eat Myeik fried noodles. kai chi kai sa me ကိုက်ကြီးကိုက်စားမယ်
Host: Can you eat spicy (food)? ah sat sah la? အစပ်စားလာ
You: OK, I can eat spicy (food). hoke, sah eh. ဟုတ်ကဲ့ စားအယ်
Host: How about sour (food)? ah ching OOOOrrr?  အချဉ်အော
You: I do not eat sour (food). ah ching, mer sa ah. အချဉ်မစားအ

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What can I eat in Myeik?

Ok, so i've been introduced to a few food. What are the other food I can eat around in Myeik?

Picture Description Phonics Myeik
Ah pone Ah Pone  အာပုံ
Shwe yin aye Shwe Yin Aye  ရွှေရင်အေး
 Kaunt nyin kin    Kaunt nyin kin  ကောက်ညင်းကင်
 moquita    Mo qui ta  မုန့်ခွက်သား
 Mo pi se lek    Mo pi se lek  မုန့်ပဉ္စလက်
 fried noodles      မုန့်တီလှော်
 red bean soup      ပဲစေ့ကျို
 bai guo      မုန့်စာဥ
 sticky cake      မုန့်ဦးနှောက်
 banana      ငှက်ပျောသီးပျားမအုန်း
 sea coconut      ထန်းသီး
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