Most language course start with "about how many trillions of people are speaking this language, that's why you should learn it". Duh.
If you are interested, you can check out this wikipedia post about Myeik language.

And VoilĂ ! The truth is that Myeik is considered a dialect of Myanmar language and there isn't a few million people speaking it.

So why is it worth learning it?

We learn languages to connect [fa-plug]. It's a innate human need [fa-heart]. 

Even if only one living person in the entire universe speaks this, it is still worth learning. (Especially if that one person is your significant other)

Even a dead language is worth learning. 

[fa-running] ACTIVITY

So what is your reason for learning this?

Give yourself a minute. Think of a person, place, reason or purpose why you are learning Myeik before pressing this button.


Motivation, motivation

OK, now we are really getting started. Think of this person who you are most likely to use your new found skills on. Great! Now keep that image in your mind throughout the course and whenever you see this above icon.

Once you learn your first few words, please use it on the person/place/motivation.

If you need more motivation, I could share that Myeik is probably one of the last few areas on earth that is gently touched by tourism

[fa-running] ACTIVITY (OPTIONAL)

Focus, focus [fa-bullseye]

Save site on your Phone/PC 

Remove distractions. Clear your phone/PC screen until all you see is the icon of this site. Click on it everyday, whenever and wherever you are and practice away!

[fa-running] ACTIVITY

Flash cards

I recommend the Anki system. It's free, it works and free of ads, can't ask for more.

Please head over here to install on your devices. I think the iOS version cost a little money, if you are not ready to pay for it yet, you could still use it on the web. It works just as well.

You could of course use your own system, including paper and pen or other apps.

Everytime, you see the following button, its time to enter your flashcards system. You can try clicking it now.


After every lesson, you will see this icon to remind you to go make your flashcards so that you can review them the following days. You are also free to post your flash cards. If you do post, please share a link at the forums. Thank you very much!

[fa-running] ACTIVITY

Making Flash cards

Great! Now that you have it installed, lets start making some Flash cards. Remember, you can only make audio cards on the PC or phone. The web version can be used to revise, but cannot make audio cards.

  1. Click on Decks then at the bottom click Create Deck. You can choose a name you like.
  2. Click into the Deck that you just created, the on the top click Add.
  3. On the front you can write in English or Myanmar, the on the back, you can add the audio by clicking on the [fa-microphone] icon.
  4. Then Click Add. Done! 

[fa-life-ring] SOS

What if I need help?

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